Jaunumi ēku automatizācijas (BMS) jomā:

2020 01 15

Jaunumi ēku automatizācijas (BMS) jomā:

Tagad visi DALI gaismas vadības risinājumu produkti ir atbilstoši un sertificēti DALI2 protokolam (IEC 62386).

Smarter Lighting Control Now DALI-2 Compliant

DALI Multi-Master Module for Intelligent Light Control

WAGO has revamped its DALI Multi-Master Module to meet the requirements for controllable lighting systems used in smart buildings. The updated DALI interface protocol (IEC 62386 und DALI-2) significantly improves the interoperability and interchangeability of control devices from different manufacturers. The module supports the advanced functionalities of the DALI-2 ballasts and control units while meeting all modern lighting system requirements in which light quality and energy efficiency play critical roles.


• Improved interoperability between different manufacturers of DALI-2 devices;

• Additional bus-supplied device groups (e.g., sensors) require less wiring.